Manoir de la Roussellière




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Manoir de la Roussellière
Lieu-dit "La Roussellière"
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Licence IV n° 1164



Room "The Hen House"

Maximum capacity : 32 people

Room "The Barn"

Maximum capacity : 70 people


Room "The Arcades"

Maximum capacity : 130 people

Our elegant reception rooms are very spacious and can be arranged to suit any type of event (private or professional reception).

Our rooms have the capacity for between 40 and 130 people seated, or 200 people standing.

The Manoir itself is surrounded by an impressive garden of 4 hectares. There is also a beautiful central courtyard, decorated with flowers and with a fountain at its heart. The Manoir de la Rousselliere is therefore a perfect and scenic place for all your events, whether private or professional.

On sunny days, you can enjoy your wine or drinks outside while savouring the relaxing atmosphere of our spacious, secluded, and vibrant gardens. Pure bliss!

If you would like to stay on site or accommodate your guests, accommodation is available for 32 people on the property.

You will also have access to the gardens, swimming pool, a large private car park and an outdoor play area for children.


Do not hesitate to contact us to organise your own personalised reception




Médaille de bronze du Tourisme (Promotion Juillet 2011)

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